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last updated: 1/2019



Clean and a little odd, like a beautiful stranger you feel somewhat familiar with, Oslava is a modern sans-serif typeface originally created for
a magazine of the same name. Inspired by the concrete housing blocks in Guangzhou, it features extreme diagonals and round curves. Ideal for both text and display uses.


/WIP/ last updated: 8/2018



Ode is a dignified and elegant serif typeface, giving each word a decorative and royal allure. Originally created specifically to carry key words in Lexicon of this World (see Projects), it is tall and sharp with
a free-spirited flair displayed occasionally by extremely tapered strokes and ornamental details, like an old heavy book on top of the shelf whose relevance is being found again.

last updated: 1/2019



Like a journey to a remote place the wild form of Oedipus typeface is unfamiliar and intriguing. Hard to understand at times it is also dramatic and ageless, like an ancient tragedy. Taking inspiration from forgotten alphabets and symbols and adding a gust of fresh, dynamic air, Oedipus can have an impressive aesthetic impact if used cleverly.

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